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3 Days Left: Apply confidently with these Q&A's

Quick message from our Co-Founder, Colleen Sweeney of the Doug Miller & Don Sanders Scholarship Fund!

The amount of applications received in our second year is - well - mind-boggling, and a testament to how amazing this scholarship is (not to toot our own horn).

But we want to see even more!

Applications close on March 15th. That means you must submit online or have it postmarked by March 15th at 11:59pm.

"The DMDS Scholarship Fund has supported me when I needed help. From a tutor to help me study for my accounting final exam, even against the rush of time the scholarship helped me find a tutor in no time. In addition to this, the scholarship has always offered to help with any assistance as long as we reach out to them." - Deysi Davila, Marketing Major, University of Houston

To help in your application process, take a look at some answers to questions recently received:

Q: Do I need to send official transcripts or can I send the documents electronically? What should my letters include?

A: You can send documents electronically or copies via mail. Make sure letters include the recommender's relationship to you as well as their title and contact information. Go beyond cookie-cutter; we like letters that do more than rehash your grades and accomplishments.

Q: Can I save and return to my application?

A: Unfortunately, no. Please have all of your documents ready, including recommendation and FAFSA forms. We recommend taking a screenshot or keeping a Word document with answers in case something goes wrong.

Q: I heard to be eligible, I must be a DACA recipient. Is this true or not?

A: No! We accept all low-income students from Texas.

Q: What if I am not a US citizen?

A: If you live in Texas, you are still eligible.

Q: I live in Texas but want to go to an out of state school. Does the scholarship support this?

A: No. We support students attending in-state schools to not only keep costs lower but also allow you to stay close to your friends and family.

Q: My online application is giving me an error or will not let me submit it.

A: Make sure everything is filled out. Usually, this comes down to the file sizes of your uploaded documents. Try changing them to PNG's or a low-scale PDF. If that doesn't work, email us the files that will not upload to Then make a note/image to upload online saying you have emailed it to us (this gets you around the required documents!).

Q: Can I apply for the Scholarship even though I am not a high school senior?

A: So happy you are already looking into college funding options. Please do not apply until your senior year, as we want to help those at the right time. Sign up for updates, and keep working hard!

Have other questions?

You can chat with us on the site, submit a contact form, or send an email to!

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